Acne Ayurveda Treatment: A Remedy That Never Failed

Many teenagers face a skin problem that is commonly known as acne. The main areas where people suffer from acne are the face,


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scalp, back, chest, shoulders, upper arms and neck. Some time the acne may be the reason for depression in teenagers. Different people give different reasons for acne but according to ayurveda, acne is the symbol of imbalanced life of a person. Acne Ayurveda treatment is now adopted by many people so that they can permanently get rid of the problem of acne.

Ayurveda or ayurvedic treatment is considered to be the oldest form of medicine that dates back to almost 5000 years from now. India is the native place of Ayurveda. The first though that comes to mind while thinking of ayurveda is way of living a healthy life by adopting simple and easy ways of self care. “Ayurveda” in itself is an amalgamation of two Sanskrit words: ‘ayus’ which means life and ‘ved’ which means science or knowledge. Therefore ayurveda in itself is the science and knowledge of living life.

It has easy to follow solutions for almost all medical problems. It is said that if one adopts the ayurvedic path, he can cure diseases without effecting his mind and body. This the main advantage of adopting acne ayurveda treatment since many allopathic medicines have great effects on the body of the teenagers and specially females. Regular and large intake of allopathic medicines can even result in problems relating to pregnancy, menstrual cycle, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Acne ayurveda treatment suggests that the first step to treat acne is restricting your diet. The acne ayurveda treatment says that the diet of the person who is suffering from acne must be bland that include items like oatmeal, rice, apple sauce, etc that would control it from growing further. Spicy food items, oily food, citrus food, etc must be completely cancelled from the diet.

One herbal remedy under acne ayurveda treatment is that one must apply neem and black Kosh to the affected area. The healing power of the neem will lower or completely nullify the further growth of acne.

Another acne ayurveda treatment tip that is suggested by many modern practitioners as well is that the person should intake plenty of water. Water purify ou body The bodily wastes that accumulate in the body get washed away with the help of water and therefore reduce the effect on the skin.

Then comes the regular exercising, which means larger intake of oxygen which in turn transfers oxygen to the body cells and therefore gives a glowing and healthy skin due to healthy cells. Acne ayurveda treatment does not limit itself to these remedies. The list is endless and includes treatments like:

• Hirudo therapy

• Sheeta and Madhur properties of leech (jalauka).

• Herbal face backs that are made of Jatiphal, Vacha, Sariva, Neem, Fenu greek, besan atta, turmeric, rose water, etc.

• Mixture of cumin, turmeric, coriander and turmeric makes a great digestive powder that helps in fighting acne by improving the internal body condition such a blood flow, digestion, etc.

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