Best Testosterone Booster Supplement

Chemical Structure of Testosterone.

impactful as it is for males. It is, however, important for females too. Males normally produce 10 to 15 times more testosterone than females, which is a big difference. Males produce testosterone from the testicular glands. Females, on the other hand, produce testosterone from the ovaries. A female loses testosterone almost immediately after a hysterectomy because of the removal of the ovaries. Testosterone boosters help to increase testosterone naturallyin your body. Testosterone also controls a lot of other important and vital body functions in men. A drop in testosterone level takes place after the age of 30 and this brings about a series of changes in both your body and behavior.

One of the most significant effects of a drop in your testosterone production is low libidoand erectile problems. Other effects include loss of lean muscle, increased body fat and weight gain, mood swings, depression, irritable behavior, lack of energy and mental concentration etc. There is hardly any aspect of your body that remains untouched and unaffected with this drop in testosterone. It is hard to imagine men without this vital hormone. It is the hormone behind those huge and hard biceps and your aggressive behavior. It is this hormone that leads to the growth of torso and facial hair, deepening of voice etc.

Testosterone is needed for a high sex drive and long lasting sexual performance. You can boost testosterone levels safely and quickly by taking one of the best testosterone boosterherbs which has been used for centuries to achieve better sexual and general health. Below is a description of the most effective herb that helps to increase libido and reverse low testosterone (Low T) levels.

Pasak Bumi (also called Tongkat Ali and Long Jack)

This natural herb from the rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia has been safely used by hundreds of thousands of people in Asia for centuries as an aphrodisiac and to enhance sexual performance in both men and women. Pasak Bumi increases testosterone naturally by stimulating the body to produce its own testosterone in the testes (for men) or the ovaries (for women).   It is the most researched herb in Asia and has been proven effective in hundreds of research studies from all over the world.  Users of high potency Pasak Bumi extract report increased testosterone of up to 400% which results in increased sex drive; elimination of erectile problems; increased muscle mass, increased energy, strength and stamina; loss of body fat; improved mood and many other health benefits.

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