Can You Reverse Chronic Health Conditions – Naturally?

The Doctor, by Sir Luke Fildes (1891)

People have been reversing chronic illnesses it for generations. So why is it not well known and why is it not the mainstream approach to treatment within the medical community? Before we answer those questions, let’s answer the original question.

Based on recently discovered medical records from the Victorian age, chronic diseases were extremely rare. The analysis of these very detailed records revealed that the primary causes of death were child birth complications, work related accidents and of course old age. The records also showed that the people ate, on average, 10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Meat was a rarity in their diet. Also they were very physically active from sun up to sun down.

Because refrigeration was not yet available, it is pretty safe to assume that the produce was locally grown and picked after the fruits and vegetables had fully ripened. When a fruit or vegetable has fully ripened, it has received the maximum amount of nutrition it can hold from the stalk of the plant.

So what has changed from the Victorian age that can explain the epidemic of chronic illnesses that are sweeping our modernized world? The answer is…. You Are What You Eat!

Over time populations have moved from rural areas to large urban cities where locally grown produce is less available. Most produce in the store is from either another country or from state, located thousands of miles away. So the farmers pick the produce before it has fully ripened in order to ensure that it does not rot before it gets to the grocery store. This means that most of the fruit in the grocery store is nutrient deficient and full of pesticides (less if it is organically grown). Washing the produce only minimally helps to remove the pesticides since much of it has been absorbed into the core of the fruit or vegetable. To top it all off, the land that the produce is grown in is stripped down to only a handful of basic nutrients, to include the locally grown variety.

Since the produce is being transported over long distances the price of the produce steadily grew. This increased price contributed to a declining trend of produce consumption by the urban communities. Unfortunately now it is amazing if you can find someone who is eating 3 to 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. So obviously it stands to reason that most of us are nutritionally deficient or malnourished. Did you know that the current recommendation by the scientific community is 9 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables a day?

With the coming of the information age, we are sitting in front of computers all day, watching TV, playing video games and with little or no exercise. So we are malnourished and relatively inactive. So instead we are eating highly processed food full of sugar, approximately 22 pounds worth. The sugar interferes with some of the body’s nutrition absorption system. So now we even get less nutrition and a lot of the foods also have bad Omega 6’s (not the good ones) which actually causes your immune system be turned on constantly and unnecessarily.

Without the proper nutrition to keep our immune systems running a peak efficiency and nowhere near enough antioxidants to protect our cells from our constantly running (and over taxed) immune system, our bodies have become breeding grounds for chronic diseases due to rampant inflammation. This leaves our immune system without the capacity to handle anything major like a virus, infection or disease. The chronic inflammation does cumulative cell damage over time and can lead to the development of Cancer, Diabetes, Arthritis, Heart Disease, and Hypertension, just to name a few.

So as you can see, it is obvious why we have chronic diseases running at epic proportions.

Remember that our body’s innate immune system is designed to handle pretty much anything that we can throw at it, as long as we provide it the proper fuel it needs to operate.

So reversing a chronic illness is manly a matter of stop putting in the bad food into our bodies and start putting in the good, nutrient dense food into our bodies, in very concentrated doses. There are many good nutritionists who can give you specific instructions regarding a step by step, customized program that will maximize your results. Also there are more and more nutrition based treatment centers are being established every year.

One of the treatments for Cancer is an “Intravenous Vitamin C,” where the patient is given high doses of vitamins C intravenously. The vitamin C kills only the cancer cells and does no damage to the good cells. Many antioxidants, similar to vitamin C, have been shown to be able to kill cancer cells. A University of Florida Study found that Acai (a super fruit from the Amazon) also kills as much as 86% of the Leukemia cells with which it comes into contact.

As to why these treatments are not well known or excepted by the medical community? Unfortunately only about 6% of Medical doctors receive a decent level of nutrition training. Also most of the research is being conducted by pharmaceutical companies who make non-natural medications to treat only the symptoms of a disease and not the root cause. The pharmaceutical companies proactively visit the doctors to give them samples and teach them about the drugs. They also setup fancy conferences in fancy hotels and the Doctors get continuing education credits for attending. They spend most of their career learning from the Pharmaceutical companies how to properly use their new drugs to treat symptoms rather than how to treat the root cause of the issue.

Unfortunately, good nutrition is not really a money maker, so both the research and the acceptance of it within the medical community is slowly progressing. You can find more information about the latest nutrition research at

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