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Colon cleansers are very helpful when it comes to detoxification and colon cleansing. There’s a simple way to increase the results and cleansing level easily. This way could result in better improvement for skin, digestion, energy level and get to lose more weight.

I used this method for few times and it has brought me great results. The method I used is a very simple method. All I did was taking fruits as my meal for one whole day. This is very different from fasting. By just taking fruits for the whole day, I lose some weight, get more energetic and I get rid of lots of toxins (I can see that in my stool because it looks black and smell horrible compare to normal).

If you decided to use the same method as I do, it’s fine because it is convenient but not easy for many people. I’m going to share with you a very simple guide you can use. The method is:

Start a colon cleansing diet!

Use fiber as the main ingredients for the diet. Fiber is very good “brush” for our body because it is insoluble to human’s digestive system. When it goes into our body, it will start to “brush” out those toxins and waste materials that are harmful to our body. These toxins are harmful because it causes obesity, allergies, joint pains and many other health problems too. By ridding these toxins, most people gain better health, lose excessive weight, better skin, more energetic and recover from some common skickness.

You can start your colon cleansing diet with some whole bran foods with high fiber and mix with fruits and vegetables. It is very important to have these foods cooked minimally because heat will soften the fiber and turn it soluble. Fiber will lose its “brush” effect.

Another important action to take is to drink water. It is recommended to drink 8 litres of water daily. When you are going through the colon cleansing diet, it is recommended to take more than that amount because water plays an important role in cleansing. While fiber collects the toxins in the body, water “flush” it out. It is important to remember.

During your colon cleansing diet, remember to take fiber foods that are much easier to digest. Instead of taking more whole bran food, take more fruits and vegetables. Our body spends most of the energy in digestion. If you allow the body to spend less energy on digestion, the body has more energy for detoxification and you’ll feel energetic!

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