Diabetes—Symptoms and Diet

Diabetes is like other health problems. Specific solutions are required to get rid from such diseases. Diabetes can be cured by

The blue circle is the global symbol for diabe...

The blue circle is the global symbol for diabetes, introduced by the International Diabetes Federation with the aim of giving diabetes a common identity, supporting existing efforts to raise awareness of diabetes and placing the diabetes epidemic firmly in the public spotlight. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

eating healthy food, consulting experts and doctors, exercising daily and following proper medication. All this can bring blood sugar to normal level.

Diabetes is a long term disease. It is caused by high level of blood sugar or blood glucose. Basically there are three kinds of diabetes. Patient may be suffering from any one of these. Type 1 diabetes mellitus usually occurs in children. Type 2 diabetes mellitus commonly attacks adults and the third category is Gestational diabetes, which occurs to women only. Diabetes symptoms involve very common type of signs which people generally do not notice and neglect.

Diabetic patient feels unusual thirst. He is always thirsty and consumes excess of water every time. This consumption of excess water makes patient urinate frequently. Frequent urination is the basic sign of diabetes. Excess urination results in dehydration and other functions of the body are also interrupted. Due to frequent urination excess sugar is excreted which results in loss of calories from body. This in turn results in constant hunger and causes fluctuations in weight. One of the major causes of diabetes is increasing rate of obesity and failure to do proper exercises. Patient feels weakness day by day and sometimes gets fainted. Patients often experience very fast heart beat, excessive sweating, drowsiness and trembling. These symptoms also affect the vital organs like eyes, liver and kidney. Diabetes symptoms must be diagnosed as earliest as possible, failure of which results in kidney failure, blindness, heart diseases and nerves damage.

Beside all this, some symptoms like frequent yeast infections, swollen and tender gums, loss of sensation in hands and feet, burning pain in arms, legs and feet are also noticed. All three types of diabetes have some common symptoms like nausea, frequent vomiting, skin infections, drying of skin, and blurred vision. These are some initial symptoms of diabetes which people ignore and leave themselves undiagnosed. Diabetes if treated at its infancy can provide relief to the patient and further diabetes related complications can be reduced.

To maintain blood sugar level it is important for patient to follow strict dietary chart. Diabetes diet is a crucial factor for any diabetic patient. Whole grain cereal is the best choice rather than consuming white flour. Food rich in fibers and proteins should be involved in meal. Fresh vegetables and fruits should be taken. Oily and fried stuff should be neglected. Intake of processed food should be avoided. Sugar free products must be inculcated in nutritional diet. Patient should do more and more exercises and keep himself involved in physical activities which boost up the insulin sensitivity. Remember that if few changes are made in diabetes diet it will avoid serious complications related with diabetes and protect patient from excessive low or high blood glucose.

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