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What? How is that possible? Doesn’t muscle and tendon work bring on Tendinitis initially? You are correct, Oh Wise and Great One! Muscle and

My ruptured tendon

ruptured tendon

Tendon work do bring on Tendinitis.

However, proper muscle stretching (not muscle building) exercises cause the muscles to relax, thus taking the stress off the tendons, and in time, leads to less tendon pain.Who will, most likely, develop tendinitis? Anyone who is engaged in work or a sport that demands repetitive muscle use, or over-use.

Interestingly, many individuals who fall into these categories don’t always recognize that they are over-using their muscles. I’ve heard “But I’ve been doing that for years, and it never bothered me!” Or, “All I’m doing is operating a computer all day.” Or, “I just garden, chop wood, and do carpentry work!” As you can see, it’s what the body considers is over-work, not the brain.

Perfect candidates for Tendinitis are weight-lifters, tennis players (tennis elbow) golfers, masons, electricians, plumbers, factory workers, computer operators, chiropractors, welders, massage therapists, auto mechanics, and others. No wonder there are at least 400,000 cases of tendinitis per month in America.

This and much more is discussed in my published book “Cure yourself of Tendinitis At Home Now!” All of the health professionals are having a problem with tendinitis. Some offer a degree of help. Chiropractic “hands on” manipulation is successful in about 10-20% of the cases (and that’s good!) But if you are not well in six visits, you need a different approach. Cortisone shots can relieve it temporarily, and perhaps longer if the patient stops overusing the muscles and tendons! However, most of us have to keep doing the activity that brought the condition to our attention, so that we can keep food on the table.

Most health professionals are concentrating their efforts on the tendons and not enough on the muscles. Physical therapists are often concentrating the wrong effort on the muscles by requiring the patient to do muscle-work exercises. (We recommend only opposing muscle-work exercises). And only rarely.

My theory is that the true root of tendinitis lies in the muscles. By concentrating more and proper rehabilitative effort on the muscles, it will bring relief sooner, and help to keep the tendinitis from returning. We don’t recommend surgery unless the tendon has been macro-torn or ruptured.

* For a visual example of the exercises, Please refer to http://tendonrelief.com/health.php

These same exercises are helpful in restoring the range of motion for arthritis patients.

Remember, this is just one of a total of eight arm and shoulder exercises which we have found deliver excellent relief for the pain of tendinitis.

There are other procedures that will also help relieve the pain of tendinitis:

1.    Proper use of heat.2.    Proper use of cold.3.    Transverse Friction Massage.4.    Take Supplements for Nutritional Balance.5.    Proper use of vibration.6.    Performing all of the exercises.7.    Opposing muscle-work exercises when possible.8.    Rest, but you don’t have to ‘retire’ from your job.

Support braces can also help temporarily.We also recommend our very special supplements, but because of FDA rules, we cannot claim their benefit in print.

A word about the exercises: A few years ago, I accepted a patient who had tendinitis in the shoulder area. I sent the patient home with the video (my book had not been written at that time) and supplements.

When the patient viewed the video, their response was; “Humph, These exercises won’t help anything!” But they performed them twice each day anyway as recommended. One month later she lamented: “Boy was I wrong about those exercises!” She then knew at that time, the exercises were a great help in relieving her tendinitis pain.

Further information: Tendinitis likes to do two things; become chronic, and affect bodily areas other than the initial area.

For more information, please visit: http://www.tendonrelief.com/

About the Author: Dr. Edward Holtman, D.C. practiced chiropractic in Hartford, WI for 48 years. As a result, he developed tendinitis in both elbows and shoulder areas for 6 ½ years. Consequently, he developed a home-self method for successfully treating all forms of Tendinitis and the pain associated with the condition.

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