For More Pleasure & Better Sexual Health, Addyzoa Is The Answer

Addyzoa is a type of an Ayurvedic medicine that is used to cure problems in males such as Functional infertility, Asthenospermia,

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oligospermia as well as Teratospermia. Men face various sex problems at some point or other during their lifetime. During this time they become more irritated, their confidence level drops and they also face various mental issues. Addyzoa is a supplement for these problems. Addyzoa is an herbal supplement antioxidant and helps in spermatogenesis. Over 80% of people worldwide now believe in herbal medicine, particularly those in developing countries. Herbalism is become the treatment of new era

Addyzoa is a very helpful medicine which helps to increase the sperm count, boosts sperm motility, increases the sexual cravings and desires and also increases pregnancy chances.

Oligospermia: Oligospermia is the semen that has a low sperm concentration and is very common in infertility in males. This can sometimes lead to motility and morphology of the sperm.

Asthenospermia: The reduction in the motility of the spermatozoon is known as asthenospermia.

Teratospermia: Teratospermia is that spermatozoa of the semen that is malformed.

The dosage of addyzoa is dependent on the sperm count of males. For example, for a sperm count of 5 million per ml to 10 million per ml, it is suggested that 2 capsules of addyzoa must be taken twice a day and the medication must continue for at least 3 months. If the sperm count is higher than 10 million per ml then only one capsule instead of 2 capsules must be take twice a day but the medication must continue for 3 months.

Many people don’t know the benefits of taking Addyzoa . Some of the benefits/advantages of consuming addyzoa are:

1. It helps in increasing sperm count.

2. It enhances the motility of the sperms

3. It takes care of the sperm morphology i.e. its controls the DNA damages on the sperms

4. It increases the chances of conceiving a baby.

5. Helps arise the sexual desires.

While consuming addyzoa there are a number of precautions that one must take. The following is the list of the things that a person must do and must NOT do.

Must do:

1. Make sure that you consume plenty of butter, milk and other food items that are high in protein.

2. Consume eggs and meat, but in a medium quantity.

3. During the woman’s high ovulation period, have coitus.

Must not do:

1. Reduce the intake of spicy food.

2. Consume minimum or zero quantity alcohol.

3. Tranquilisers and smoking shall be avoided.

4. Stress of any kind is harmful. Avoid mental as well as physical stress as much as you can.

5. Don’t be up late a t night. Take ample amount of sleep.

6. Avoid bathing with hot water.

7. Maintain your diet. Do not switch your dietary habits.

Thus for severe problems like these also, Ayurvedic medicines are very reliable and trusted. These do not have any side – effects and also are very effective. Addyzoa is one of such medicines which is very helpful for men to achieve their sexual desires and eradicate the related problems with it and have a wonderful and tension – free life ahead.

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