Hair Falling Ayurevda Treatment Tips : Easy And Effective

Hair fall has become a very common problem in teenagers, men and women. Sometimes the hair fall is such that people become bald. Now a day’s

English: Alopecia


stress is an important factor for hair fall and Hair loss may cause mental depression in both male and female. With age, the thickness as well the amount of hair goes on decreasing. According to a study, it is reported that nearly 25% of men start showing symptoms of becoming bald till they reach 30 and by 60 years of age, nearly 2/3 of them become bald or are near to get bald.

A number of medicines are available in the market to fight falling hair but out of all, hair falling ayurveda treatment is the one that has shown maximum success rate. The reasons for hair loss can be many. For example it can be due to long period of illness, heredity, major surgery, stress, hormonal problems, intake of some heavy dosage of medicine, etc. Ayurveda therapy is a 5000 years old methodology that is still used by people since it has visible results with no side effects.

Hair falling ayurveda therapy can be started with a good and effective diet. A good diet is necessary factor for ayurvedic hair loss treatment. The following tips can be used for hair falling ayureveda treatment diet plan. Yoghurt, aloe vera, green vegetables, sesame seeds, non alcoholic drinks and sufficient intake of vitamin C, B, sulphur, zinc , etc are some of the items and minerals that must be added in the regular diet so that the hair can get proper nourishment.

Another hair losing ayurveda treatment tip is regular oil message. There are a number of products that can be used to message the scalp and hence reduce hair loss. The various types of hair lossing ayurveda treatment massage oils present in the market and that is suggested by many doctors as well are: pure coconut oil, Bhrinraj oil, Vitamin E oil and application of herbs like stinging nettle, birch, rosemary, horsetail, etc. Application of these oils to the scalps results in direct nourishment of the hair. Regular use of these oil help to improve the hair colour also. All this when accompanied with regular hair steaming with a towel soaked in warm water, does wonders for the hair.

Many companies have realised the effectiveness of hair lossing ayurveda treatment and therefore have come up with hair oils, shampoos and even medicines with vitamins and herbs that gives results similar to the natural hair lossing ayurveda therapy.

The third and very effective hair falling ayurveda therapy is using the following herbs for rinsing or oiling the hair: horsetail, cider vinegar and sage tea.

The main benefit of adopting hair falling ayurveda t is that the results are positive and long lasting. Not only this, even if the problem of hair fall doesn’t stop, ayurveda therapy assures that the person will not suffer any side effects form the consumption of ayurvedic medicines etc. i.e. it has no side effects.

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