Launch of world’s largest homeopathic database software. HOMPATH – A RENAISSANCE

Homeopathy has witnessed a revolution with the advent of Homeopathic software, making the art of prescribing more precise, rational and swift. It has been the scientific tool to even out the art of practicing.

Contributing to the technological world of Homeopathy, Hompath underwent a renaissance with it launch at LIGA – 2011*.

*Liga Medicorium Homeopathica Internationalis (LMHI), an International Homeopathic medical society established in Rotterdam in 1925, represents homeopaths in 70 countries across the globe. It had a purpose to develop and secure Homeopathy worldwide and to make homeopathy available for public health. The mission of the LIGA 2011 Congress was to provide an international forum to the homeopaths, homeopathic societies and the researchers who are interested in the development of this science. LIGA 2011 aimed to provide both the exchange of ideas and enhancement of knowledge. It was a rare platform that had brought practitioners and researchers under one roof.

The theme of the congress was ‘Homeopathy for Public Health’. The congress provided an opportunity to share the clinical experience and deliberate on the latest scientific research in the field of Homeopathic medicine. Currently, in India there are 234 hospitals with 10,933 beds, 5,910 Government dispensaries and 217,860 registered practitioners. These statistics clearly convey the pressing need to understand the importance of Homeopathy in public health sector. With new researches and skilled practitioners, homeopathy has the potential to make ‘public health’ a reality rather than a far-fetched dream. Around 2500 doctors attended this grand event and gained knowledge from eminent homeopathic practioners from India and abroad, in this regard.

On 1st Dec 2011, Hompath launched two of its new avatars – Hompath Wild Fire and Hompath Purple Rock. It was released by Hon. Dr. Gulam Nabi Azad, Union Health Minister, Govt. of India in front of an incredible assembly of about 2500 doctors from 35 different countries of the world. It has been an outcome of a robust endeavour of 30 years that has come to a fruitful bearing. Hompath – a software developed by Dr. Jawahar Shah and his team is the number one software used in India. Hompath revived in the form of various avatars. These avatars are based on the basic 5 elements of nature i.e. fire, water, earth, metal and wood as Homeopathy itself is a science based on Nature’s Law. Hompath received a gracious response and was well-appreciated by all the delegates attending LIGA. It had generated much curiosity within a week’s time and still continues to be the choice of software for most of the eminent practitioners.

Continuing its success, on 19th April 2012- At the stone laying ceremony of Dr. M.L. Dhawale Trust, the distinguished personality, Dr. ARUN JAMKAR, Honorable Vice–Chancellor, Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik, released the LAN version of the homoeopathic software having the world’s largest database, Hompath PurpleRock LAN. On this occasion, Dr. Jamkar shared the benefits of homoeopathic treatment and how Homoeopathy could progress using new technology. He expressed the importance of evidence based medicine and suggested excellent ideas and research possibilities to the doctors and Post Graduate students of Homoeopathy at Palghar. He also laid stress on the fact that we must orient to the future and bring genetic diagnosis of homoeopathic medicine at the earliest possibilities. This is indeed another step ahead for

Homeopathy: Hard to Swallow?

Homeopathy: Hard to Swallow? (Photo credit: GDS Infographics)

Homoeopathy and homoeopaths!

By this successful launch of Hompath WildFire and Hompath PurpleRock, Mind Technologies has proved to be an epitome of perfect amalgamation of technology and therapeutics, thus maintaining the equilibrium of art and science in this healing practice. With an extensive reach of Homeopathy and ever growing importance of public health, launch of this homeopathic tool becomes a major event in the homeopathic fraternity.

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