Shoulder Area Tendinitis

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Supra Spinatus Tendinitis

Dr. Edward G. Holtman, D.C.

The Shoulder, Rotator Cuff, and Tears

The shoulder area is the target for a multiplicity of tendinitis and other problems.Rotator cuff problems such as strain and tears, labrum (Cartilage), long head of the biceps tendinitis, muscle strains and tears, neuritis, arthritis, narrowing acromial-clavicular joint.

Tendinitis (supra spinatus tendinitis) benefits from in-home physical therapy, special supplementation, and non-muscle building exercises. The book “Cure Yourself of Tendinitis (At Home Now).” Can be of great assistance!

What the book, by Dr. Edward G. Holtman D.C. reveals:

1. Discusses each and every area of the body where tendinitis can occur, and how to locate and treat each area.

2. The all-important role that the body’s muscles play in the onset and the treatment of tendinitis.

3. What most physical therapists are doing to hurt or impede your progress with tendinitis!

4. The basic theory, or principals, for treating tendinitis anywhere in the body!

5. The reasons all health professionals have, thus far, failed to deliver lasting results with tendinitis (This should be embarrassing!)

6. Why seniors develop tendinitis.

7. How to treat your tendinitis yourself at home with lasting results and at a low cost.

Severe Tears

Severe tears will probably be best handled surgically. But rotator cuff strain or weakness can be rectified by in-home exercises. See Book

What Causes the Various Shoulder Problems to Erupt?

The causes of tendinitis are most often caused by repetitive movement or over-use of the involved body part. Strains and tears from severe use or injury, neuritis from subluxated (slightly out of place) neck and upper thoracic vertebrae, arthritis from injury, ‘normal’ wear and tear, Vitamin D Deficiency, and hormonal imbalance.

Bursitis (inflammation of the sack that holds the joint fluid) may also be caused by: Sudden arm jerks, Karate, Baseball, and cross-country skiing.

What are some activities that can initiate shoulder Tendinitis?

Þ    Tennis

Þ    Golf

Þ    Factory Jobs

Þ    Chin-ups/Pull-ups

Þ    Weight Lifting

Þ    Squash

Þ    Rock Climbing/Mountaineering

Þ    Mechanic Work (Auto)

And many other everyday activities

What Should Be Avoided (If Possible)

Any activity that is listed above should be avoided or considerably reduced until the tendinitis is nearly well. Avoid most physical therapists because they will “encourage” you to do muscle-work exercises and muscle work is the main cause of most tendinitis. The exception to this rule is, opposing muscle work exercises! See Book

What Can Be Done?

Neuritis: Hands on chiropractic, because the cause is most often in the spine.

Arthritis: Shoulder joint manipulation, calcium and vitamin D Supplementation, heat or cold applications.

Bursitis: Cold pack applications for 10 minutes twice daily. Guided movement (Your chiropractor may help you with this procedure)

More Information and About The Author:

Dr. Edward G. Holtman, D.C. has over 40 years experience in treating chiropractic patients and 10 years experience in the field of tendinitis treatment.

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