Sonja Grace Spiritual Healer on Portals, Divine Love and the Soul’s Symphony

Cover of "The Fifth Dimension"

There are portals opening up all over the Earth. These portals are receiving energy and releasing energy. Many people have portals on their property and in and around their homes. These portals are getting bigger and in the future will get so large that they merge and become the prominent energy on the planet. This is the fifth dimension.

The energy inside the portal is often spiraling and or wavy with a sensation of energy going up and or coming down. Feeling dizzy and light headed is common as well.

There are other energies that use these portals for travel.

Being aware of what is going on around your house may already have come to your attention. Unusual sounds, feeling tired and then super energized and dizziness are all symptomatic of the energies from these portals. There are many people who experience alien beings coming through the portals as well as dreams, feelings and in person!

The duality exists in the Universe as much as it does on Earth. There are good aliens just as much as there are bad aliens. There are good people and there are bad people.

The duality of the Universe is something we will continue to experience to varying degrees as we move into a higher vibration and consciousness.

When we get to a higher consciousness we no longer have the need to assess the good or the bad. We simply observe it. Staying aware of your environment and not checking out through drugs and alcohol will help you to stay present in your body. Staying present allows you the opportunity to experience this as we move quickly with the energy.

Time and space will also feel a bit altered and your sensitivity heightened. Your fear will only draw you back into the duality and it is in this realm that we experience our resistance.

Grounding, meditation, breathing, yoga and exercise are all ways we can stay present and experience the moment. Keep your vibration high and connect with Divine Love. This will not only help you in this process but it will protect you and move you into the fifth dimension with ease.

Divine Love

We have all reincarnated many times here on Earth. Our past lives have created who we are today and our future self is helping us. We are evolving as spiritual beings and who we become in the distant future will one day look back at this as another lifetime that we endured shifts and changes here on Earth.

Allow yourself to connect with yourself in the future and receive the wisdom and knowledge that you have. Smile at yourself and know you have been living in four dimensions and you are currently moving into the fifth dimension. This will open up awareness that you are actually living in a multi-dimensional reality.

With one simple shift of your energy, focus on your heart and connect with Divine Love. Divine Love is the very essence of what we are made of and what we return to when we go back in to spirit form. We are all from Divine Love and by connecting with this energy we reconnect to a much greater vibration in the Universe.

Remember you are in the future reminding yourself to make this transition with ease. Your resistance will only delay your transformation. Let go of your jealousy and envy of others. Celebrate in who you are for what you do and what you bring to each and every moment of your life and the lives that you touch. Let others be who they are and celebrate in your differences.

The more we move into loving each other for who we are the more we move towards our own spiritual evolution. With a peaceful transition into the fifth dimension I embrace each of you with love.

The Soul’s Symphony

When we have a need to prove ourselves we miss the opportunity to accept and appreciate what our energy brings forth. Just by being here on Earth we are able to contribute an important energy that is unique to each soul and makes up a huge concert of energies that all play together like a symphony!

Our energy is deeply connected to the Universe and totally unique within each of us. Our individuality is something that needs to be celebrated. We are not all the same and each of us with our own unique energy has something special that we bring to the planet.

If you want a more spiritual connection do your homework and process your karmic baggage identifying where you are wounded. Through a deeper physical, mental, emotional and spiritual process forgive those who have wronged you and learn how to parent your own inner child. This will lead you back to the center which is forgiving yourself.

It is through the emotional body that we are able to clear the pathway for our original energy as souls to come through. When you choose this path your spiritual body is opened and your evolution that much quicker.

Neglecting the emotional work and staying focused through the intellectual process can leave a person feeling void of any real spiritual understanding; for they are still disconnected from their feelings. There is no real experience that can be grounded if we are not processing our feelings on the physical, mental and emotional bodies. We are very good at covering up and medicating our unresolved emotional pain that can eventually manifest in the physical body. Yet this very pain is the key to our spiritual growth and evolution.

We must look at what is under that pain and discoverer the beautiful reservoir that resides within each of our souls filled with energy that is connected to the Universe and a karmic knowledge that when understood allows our consciousness to evolve.

Mystic Healer & Spritual Psychic, Sonja Grace offers intuitive healing from the guides. She offers online readings and phone readings. Sonja Grace sees and receives messages from loved ones who have crossed over and offers psychic readings as a venue for healing in this world and the spirit world. Sonja Grace, Spiritual Healer

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