Symptoms and Treatments of Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety disorders normally occur under stressful situation affecting adults as well as aged persons of different age groups. The

Anxiety Disorders Association of America

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word meaning of anxiety is, those fears that are experienced by an individual has either no existence or no possibilities of happening in near future. It is a kind of hallucination, a patient being carried off in to. Many times anxiety disorder symptoms are wrongly diagnosed and compared with patients feeling paranormal activities.

There are many effective situations responsible and directly co-relates to the causes of anxiety disorders. Anxiety causes by feelings, worry, separation from parents and hypertension. These major factors can be influenced by genetic factors or surrounding environment. However, stressors need not necessarily be the cause of this disorder in children but also increasing in adults. It could be anything. A substantial amount of research has found that children with age group between 11-18 years are triggered the most by these disorders. The risk prolongs from childhood to adulthood making them more prone to substance abuse and criminal tendencies.

People suffering from anxiety disorders face multiple attacks at a time. Symptoms can also appear and diminish overtime; both during normal or serious attacks; when it comes to anxiety disorders panic attacks and associated problems. Panic attacks are extremely frightening but are less physically harmful occurring randomly.

Symptoms of anxiety panic attack include hyperventilation, uncontrolled fear, trembling, dizziness, excessive perspiration and rapid heartbeat. These symptoms may be life threatening but can be later on medicated.

People participate in several day to day life activities, which may be or may not be stressful. He or she experiences an equal amount of stress in personal and professional life, if equilibrium is not maintained. Normally anxiety is born out of stress, and stress is a natural component of life. Some anxiety disorder symptoms can be irregular which means it comes and goes seasonally, or it can be endless and continuous. Repeated and unsuccessful suicidal attempt is a prominent symptom of anxiety, if this suicidal mentality is not cured on time it may lead to death.

Several treatments are available in remedying an anxiety disorder. Although Anxiety disorder treatment totally depends on the severity of condition and differs from case to case. Some people encounter frequent anxiety attacks while others may feel stressed out for couple of months. This is why treatments and medications vary. Psychiatric treatments and therapies are great ways to heal patient from anxiety disorder. Cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis and group sessions can all effectively help victim get rid of his or her worries. Natural remedies like physical exercise, acupuncture, yoga, massage, meditations help the victims to find right solution to their anxiety. Diet stimulates body functions ultimately targeting body immune system hence, during anxiety episodes along with medications diet is an important factor that is to be monitored for good result. There are easily available antidepressants medications concerning the reduction of anxiety attacks, but they are advised to take under strike medical attention.

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