The Benefits of Drinking Green Tea for Heart Health, Inflammation and Cancer

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The wonderful health qualities of green tea are not confined to weight loss. It is the plant compounds in green tea, known as catechins,that are behind the myriad of other health benefits.

Adult males who administer themselves high quantities of catechin polyphenols have 75% less  risk of receiving stroke. Green tea brings down the count of bad LDL cholesterol and increases good HDL cholesterol amount. This produces an improved balance between LDL and HDL plasma levels. Moreover there is verification that green tea can help thin the blood and bring down elevated blood pressure.

A lower incidence of cancer is associated with consuming green tea, too. Scientists have noticed that impaired DNA is one major cause of cancer. Our DNA strings come under attack from thousands of rogue oxygen molecules every minute. This is a normal process for DNA. The great thing is that our DNA is endowed to repair itself. However, our DNA can buckle under this barrage and the DNA strands can become irrevocably damaged. This is the basis for cancer growth! It is then great for us that the catechins of green tea can intercept and neutralize rogue oxygen molecules. This  helps lower our risk of dying of cancer! Numerous studies have also concluded that drinking green tea reduces the risk of  prostate cancer, throat cancer, colon cancer, melanoma, kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer and urinary tract cancer!

Green tea natural substances boost our number of white blood cells. A  high white blood cell count is important for a top-notch immune system. There are two kinds of white blood cells that catechins can support – B-cells and T-cells. B-cells create antibodies that neutralize foreign  objects and infectious microorganisms. T-cells wrestle distinct invading  organisms like germs and cancers.

When it comes to detoxification the liver is our biggest weapon. It takes in poisons from our blood and with the help of metabolic agents, chemically  transforms harmful substances into inert dispensable molecules. The harmful substances may then  be moved along to our bowels for elimination. With the levels of  pollution across the globe and in our food today the liver falls victim to considerable stress! Fortunately the compounds in green tea can help! These green tea antioxidants can actually protect the liver from many these toxins by assisting the enzymes used for detoxification. This goes a long way to keep the liver free of disease.

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