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Yep, it’s cold. And the last thing we usually want to think about as we’re throwing our scarves around our neck and heading out

063/365 Detoxing My Brains Out 030409

063/365 Detoxing My Brains Out 030409 (Photo credit: vmiramontes)

into the elements is a cleansing juice. But apart from the physical benefits of clearer skin, glowing (and puffy-less) eyes, a tummy that doesn’t bloat and of course, an unheard of energy boost, there are amazing spiritual benefits we can glean from replacing even one meal with a plant-based feast.

When you cut the sugar and refined carbs (that includes the morning mocha and turkish toast with honey :-) and replace with a juicy mix of dark leafy green veg, beetroot, carrot, celery, crisp apple, ginger and/or tangy citrus (or whatever veg you feel like!), you’ll also notice a myriad of mental and spiritual benefits:

1. A clearer mind: as our bodies free themselves from focusing on heavily digestive processes, they’re free to move to our thoughts, our awareness and our mental patterns, helping us to release our limiting beliefs into limitless potential.

2. A feeling of lightness: sometimes everything feels harder when it’s cold and we rely on heavy, dense foods as a source of comfort. When we give our tummies a rest, we allow a lightness of being to taintuitive, awareness, energetic, healing, reiki, counselling, meditation, energy, shamanicz, courses, astrology, sydney, Australiake over our bodies and a natural expansive state opens within us. When we feel lighter physically, we also feel more in-tune energetically.

3. A slower pace: we’re stressed, busy and usually rushing to get home before it gets darker, colder or starts raining again. Switch to a vitamin and mineral liquid boost and watch your self become calmer, more naturally embodied in your being, and more centred no matter what the situation.

4. An opening to others: when it’s cold, it’s easy to become contracted. Watch your body language as you move through the day, especially as you rush from the bustop to the office, or from that freezing part of the house to grab your ugg boots (or is that just me??). A simple switch in diet to clean wholefoods and juices can increase your metabolism, decrease the bodymind’s desire to contract and instead, free you into a space of open expansiveness. Just try a 10 minute meditation in the mornings after a switch to juicing and see how your heart opens!

Think it’s too cold for juice? Be generous with the ginger. Ginger (Zinziber officinale) is a fantastic circulatory stimulator with immune-boosting and antioxidant properties. An excellent addition to your diet to give you a warming, nurturing and zingy boost to your day. Happy detoxing.


The art of healing is a practice of creative, intuitive and soul centred ways of working with self and others for awareness, wellbeing and empowerment. The term ‘soul’ relates to our depth, mystery and our quality of connection with oneself, others and the world around us. Soul centred healing is a conscious way of being in relationship so as to embrace the diverse healing powers of nature, psyche and spirit. This can take place through the effective use of a wide range of growth related practices.

At Awareness Institute, we offer a number of practices to assist in your awakening process, including intuitive awareness, energetic healing, working with crystals, reiki, soul centred counselling, meditation, subtle energy of the body and shamanic journeys.

As one of our flagship programs, we offer an eighteen month professional diploma of energetic healing which is soul centred in its orientation. Through working with meditation, intuition, energy, nature and spirit, you will gain new understanding, awareness and skills to evolve your own understanding of self, and transform relationships on a personal and planetary level. The diploma of energetic healing starts in Feb each year, however some courses can be commenced any term.

This diploma empowers your ability to live and relate in more fulfilling and authentic ways. It is suited for anyone interested in working intuitively and soulfully in the field of healing and human potential and is a professional training program, allow you to work with others effectively as a healer.


There has been a lot of talk in the media recently confirming scientific evidence around the effectiveness of meditation in stress reduction. Are you curious about meditation but don’t know where to start? Have you tried to meditate and found it difficult to focus, or became bored/fall asleep, distracted or frustrated? Perhaps you are a seasoned meditator but would like to take your practice to the next level; expanding your practice to reach deeper levels of consciousness and awakening.

Whatever your level of experience, Awareness Institute offers courses to help you develop and widen your meditative experience for both physical health, stress management and consciousness development.

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