A WayTo Healthy Teeth And Gums

F-shaped and Y-shaped dental floss wands

The most prevalent cause of tooth decay and gum disease is inadequate food   debris removal. Normal mouth bacteria interact with that debris and cause  tooth decay and gum disease. Of course, nearly everyone knows about tooth   brushing and flossing. However,  most  people do not realize that  a tooth brush cleans only the front and back of teeth, but does not reach between teeth ( though it is the dirtiest part and best hiding place for food debris).

Flossing is also very time consuming and needs to be preformed almost perfectly to get the desired result. Obviously another method of food debris removal was needed – thus the birth of  waterpik.  In the 1960’s two men in
Colorado began experimenting with motorized water irrigation  ( waterpik ). They continued their experiments until waterpik was born – a device that sends pulsating water between the teeth.

Various brands of waterpik use different pressure amounts and settings, but all perform debris removal through water irrigation. As water from the waterpik forces food debris from between the teeth, flushing it out of the mouth, the pulsations   massage and stimulate the gum tissue. That ,  of course, encourages gum tissue health. By the late 1960’s, waterpik was being demonstrated at dental conventions and trade shows.

I personally began daily use of  a water pik in the 1960’s and have done so ever since – my hygienist  and  periodontist  tell me I have the oral health of a very young man. I have strongly recommended waterpik  to my patients for over forty years, and have found that those patients who followed that advice as a daily regimen enjoyed more good dental health with fewer dental problems. I find a true and obvious test for the waterpik efficiency to be as follows – eat a hearty meal, then brush and floss, and finally use a waterpik. You will quite likely see food debris washing out of your mouth into  the basin – proof  that brushing and flossing alone do an inefficient  job of food debris removal. If people are sincere about tooth decay reduction and the reduction  of  gum disease ( gingivitis, periodontitis, etc. ), they will employ  waterpik in their daily oral care regimen.

Remember, waterpik takes far less time than brushing and flossing, so if  you are in a hurry, a waterpik alone can be used ( not as good as doing all three , but far better than not removing food debris at all.

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